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Micro Lithium Battery 3.8V


Micro Lithium Battery 3.6V

New Lithium Battery Series | Micro Lithium Battery 3.6V | Smallest Button Battery | High Voltage High Energy Density | Headset Battery | Lithium Cells 18mAh to 80mAh | Made in China

LiPol Battery Co. provides a rechargeable micro lithium battery series for wearable applications in 2019. The smallest dimensions with the diameter 4.5mm to 12mm and the thickness 4mm to 23mm. The high energy density and higher working voltage meet 3.6V so that the capacity meets 18mAh to 65mAh in limited space. It's the best power solution for small applications such as a headset, IoT, GPS, medical, cordless sensors, Bluetooth headset, Smart toys, Smart watch... because of lower self-discharge current & longer standby time.

The semi-micro lithium battery pack is also available for this battery series. Some cells are in series to meet 7.4V, 11.1V or more and keep the same diameter. Some cells are in parallel to meet higher and higher capacity.


Application of Micro Lithium Battery 3.6V

Sensor, Medical, Headset, Automotive, Cordless, Smart Watch

micro lithium battery micro lithium battery micro lithium battery
Micro-Lithium-Battery Micro-Lithium-Battery Micro-Lithium-Battery


Best Seller of Micro Lithium Battery 3.6V

These high voltage of lipo batteries 3.6V are using for brand smartphones and tablet.

model voltage capacity power diameter thickness weight
LPM1254 3.6V 65mAh 0.30Wh 12mm 5.4mm 1.95g
LPM1240 3.6V 50mAh 0.21Wh 12mm 4.0mm 1.37g
LPM1054 3.6V 40mAh 0.19Wh 10mm 5.4mm 1.30g
LPM1040 3.6V 35mAh 0.13Wh 10mm 4.0mm 0.98g
LPM0840 3.6V 18mAh 0.07Wh 8mm 4.0mm 0.61g
LPM1154 3.6V 50mAh 0.25Wh 11mm 5.4mm 1.50g
LPM1140 3.6V 40mAh 0.17Wh 11mm 4.0mm 1.23g
LPM0940 3.6V 25mAh 0.10Wh 9mm 4.0mm 0.89g


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