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18650 high amp battery

18650 High Amp Battery

At the end of 2020, we publish our new 18650 high amp battery series. They have a much higher energy density and higher discharge current than standard 18650 batteries. More and more customers want 18650 battery with higher capacity and high amp for their new designs and applications, such as E-cigarette, power tools, flashlight, medical device, hoverboard, self-balancing scooter, segway, moped, power bank, solar battery, electric motorcycle.

High Safety Standard of 18650 High Amp Battery

All of our 18650 high amp batteries are made under high safety standard of CE, CB, UL, IEC62133, UN38.3, FCC, KC.

Long Cycle Life of 18650 High Amp Battery

The capacity of the 18650 high amp batteries is higher than 80% after 500 cycles. The total battery life is 1000+.

Higher Drain of 18650 Batteries

The new 18650 high amp battery series have a much higher discharge current rate of 5A, 10A, 20A & 30A.

Higher Capacity of 18650 batteries

We improve our technology and select the best materials for the cathode to increase the density.

Protection Circuit

We design different protection circuits with Seiko IC, MOS, NTC & PTC for a single 18650 high amp battery and 18650 battery pack.

Custom Wire

It's available to add the custom length & diameter of wires to the 18650 high amp battery.


The most popular connectors from JST, Molex & Hirose are also possible for connecting the 18650 battery to your applications with ease.

18650 high amp batteries


18650 High Amp Battery List


part number
max current
LPH18650-1318A 1300mAh 18A 3.60V 25mΩ 43g
LPH18650-1515A 1500mAh 15A 3.60V 30mΩ 45g
LPH18650-1518A 1500mAh 18A 3.60V 25mΩ 45g
LPH18650-1530A 1500mAh 30A 3.65V 20mΩ 47g
LPH18650-2025A 2000mAh 25A 3.65V 20mΩ 48g
LPH18650-2120A 2100mAh 20A 3.65V 20mΩ 48g
LPH18650-2130A 2100mAh 30A 3.60V 15mΩ 45g
LPH18650-2110A 2100mAh 10A 3.60V 32mΩ 44g
LPH18650-2143A 2150mAh 4.3A 3.60V 100mΩ 44g
LPH18650-2210A 2200mAh 10A 3.62V 35mΩ 44g
LPH18650-2244A 2200mAh 4.4A 3.60V 100mΩ 44g
LPH18650-2280A 2200mAh 8A 3.60V 100mΩ 46g
LPH18650-2250A 2250mAh 5A 3.60V 100mΩ 42g
LPH18650-2520A 2500mAh 20A 3.60V 18mΩ 45g
LPH18650-2550A 2500mAh 5.0A 3.70V 100mΩ 41g
LPH18650-2652A 2600mAh 5.2A 3.70V 100mΩ 45g
LPH18650-2650A 2600mAh 5A 3.60V 70mΩ 48g
LPH18650-2610A 2600mAh 10A 3.60V 60mΩ 44g
LPH18650-2856A 2800mAh 5.6A 3.75V 100mΩ 48g
LPH18650-2880A 2850mAh 8A 3.65V 45mΩ 45g
LPH18650-2910A 2900mAh 10A 3.62V 35mΩ 46g
LPH18650-2915A 2950mAh 15A 3.60V 26mΩ 48g
LPH18650-2959A 2950mAh 5.9A 3.78V 70mΩ 48g
LPH18650-3044A 3000mAh 4.4A 3.64V 70mΩ 49g
LPH18650-3020A 3000mAh 20A 3.60V 20mΩ 44g
LPH18650-3030A 3000mAh 30A 3.60V 18mΩ 47g
LPH18650-3058A 3000mAh 5.8A 3.70V 100mΩ 49g
LPH18650-3264A 3200mAh 6.4A 3.75V 100mΩ 50g
LPH18650-3232A 3200mAh 32A 3.65V 35mΩ 50g
LPH18650-3246A 3200mAh 4.6A 3.75V 70mΩ 49g
LPH18650-3210A 3200mAh 10A 3.70V 35mΩ 49g
LPH18650-3236A 3200mAh 3.6A 3.60V 40mΩ 48g
LPH18650-3348A 3350mAh 4.8A 3.75V 70mΩ 49g
LPH18650-3448A 3400mAh 4.8A 3.60V 100mΩ 48g
LPH18650-3520A 3500mAh 20A 3.60V 35mΩ 50g
LPH18650-3510A 3500mAh 10A 3.63V 40mΩ 49g


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