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Lithium Polymer Battery for Wireless Device

Our lithium polymer battery is used for wireless device which is made in Europe. The lithium polymer battery LP882934/LP803132/LP803030 can hold for a long time to keep sending data. The woireless device is made under GPS to 20Hz, records the proformance data will be sent to server and made accessible to authorized users via PC, iPad, iPhone and other web applications. You can check and analyze all the information. The application is accessible using a browsers such as PC, tablet or smart phones.


Battery Type LiPo Battery
Part Number LP882934
Capacity 850mAh
Dimension 34 x 29 x 8.8mm
Connector Body -
Connector Pins -
Wires AWG 26, 50mm x 2
Working Voltage 2.5V to 4.2V
NTC (Thermistor) -
Charge Temperature 0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +45°C


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