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Lithium Polymer Battery 10000mAh for Power Dock

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There is just a better way to deal with all of your chargers and cables for your trip. A power box with lithium polymer battery 10000mAh LP8873129 can struggle you out from the devices, chargers, and cords. It can power up iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Macbook in the meantime as quick as possible. Your tools will never out of power again once you have the ultimate power package no matter where you go.

It has terrific features, charges iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook. Powerful enough to charge your MacBook 13” and even the 15” can be charged with supporting other USB-C laptops. We designed Power Box to be a convenient travel solution. Will get into travel mode within seconds. MFI Lightning and MFI Apple Watch charging cable installed. The lightning adapter can be adjusted in height, to work with cases on. The internal pub is equipped with intelligent smart it’s which will distribute the power to your devices in the most efficient way. The power box comes ready to go. No assembly required. Practical travel case to fit everything you need. Available as an add-on.

The travel case is perfect for the one who travels a lot. The power box, power supply and a bunch of cables fit it well. In this way, you are ready to go anytime with clean and organized for all you need in the future. Your suitcase will never look like and mess electronic store anymore. The dimensions of travel case are 200 x 230 x 70mm, weight: 396 grams.

It’s a wishful demand of the market that it needs for a power box solution which can charges all common devices at once-a powerful one by observing the marked. The user-friendly products and fresh designs are loved and adored by us always. The sleek and fashionable look is a good thing when you take it easy when traveling. It likes in a hotel when out of the home but can still provide a convenient solution for you. The Apple guys need the Apple Watch and “touch for time” for nightstand mode. The demand for USB-C is developing as well, and we want to implement the best of it into the power box. A new good always implies a new difficulty. When we showed the first image on our Facebook page, we were overwhelmed with compliments instantly which meaning we are on the right track. Our past power box got outstanding reviews for their user-friendly approach. We love challenges. We have added particular power travel set for the people to go out into the wild. It includes the cube which is a new power bank with the latest technology. It can charge your MacBook/Laptop on the go with its lithium polymer battery pack with the high capacity of 10000mAh. 2 x USB with smart IC charging and Qualcomm fast charge support.

You are ready to travel anywhere in anytime by combing the power box with the power cube which can fit into the travel case very well. The USB-C port can charge the power cube within only 2 hours by the powerful Lithium polymer battery. And more, the power cube can be loaded and used at the same time.

Lithium Polymer Battery Details

Battery Type
Lithium Polymer Battery
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 10000mAh
UL1571 AWG24 40m*3
Molex 5264-3P
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)
129 x 73 x 8,8mm
Charge Temperature
0°C to +45°C
Discharge Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C


Similar Lithium Polymer Batteries 10000mAh

model capacity(mAh) L (mm) W (mm) T (mm) voltage
LP1065123 10000mAh 123 65 10 3.7V
LP1066121 10000mAh 121 66 10 3.7V
LP1158115 10000mAh 115 58 11 3.7V
LP1160100 10000mAh 100 60 11 3.7V
LP1165113 10000mAh 113 65 11 3.7V
LP6195125 10000mAh 125 95 6.1 3.7V
LP8070120 10000mAh 120 70 8 3.7V
LP8472113 10000mAh 113 72 8.4 3.7V
LP8867220 10000mAh 220 67 8.8 3.7V
LP8870129 10000mAh 129 70 8.8 3.7V
LP9373129 10000mAh 129 73 9.3 3.7V
LP9858102 10000mAh 102 58 9.8 3.7V
LP9960115 10000mAh 115 60 9.9 3.7V
LP85100115 12000mAh 115 100 8.5 3.7V


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