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LiPoly Battery LP322431 for Nike Sport Watch

Nike Sport watch is a powerful sports assistant with LiPoly Battery LP322431 for long working time.

It can track your time, distance, pace, heart rate (with optional sensor), and calories burned. Both GPS technology and the Nike+ shoe sensor used in Nike+ SportWatch GPS which makes it possible to capture every step of your run and provide accurate speed and distance information. The watch is water resistant and it can work both indoor or out, even if the GPS signal is interrupted.

This personal coach reminds you the time to run and stores your historical data and personal records to help keep you at your best. You can upload your data to the nikeplus. com website, where you can find popular routes, track your goals, receive coaching tips, challenge friends, and share your activity through Facebook or Twitter. The rechargeable LiPoly Battery charges via USB, the watch can run eight hours with the GPS and sensor both turned on. And it can provide up to 50 days of standby power. So you don’t need to worry it out of power during exercise.


Part Number LP322431
Capacity 3.7V @ 170mAh
Configuration 1S1P
Wires AWG 28, 10mm x 3pcs
Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage 3.0V
Thermistor (NTC) 10K 1%@+25C B3380
Dimension 3.2 x 24 x 31mm
Charge Temperature 0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +45°C


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