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LiPo Battery LP723250 for Emergency Mobile

Our lipo battery LP723250 is used for emergency mobile. The system include a transmitter, receiver, lipo battery and charger. The receiver can be easily carried on the belt with a clip. The emergency mobile is an good idea when you need care with mobility and safety. Emergency mobile is connected in less than 5 minutes and easy to use. It can hold for over 4 hours with 1250mAh lipo battery. Depending on the degree of disability, special sensors to trigger the call for help can be plugged into the socket. This makes it even severely enables settle with a customized sensor a cry for help. The call remains on the receiver stored until the mute button is pressed. Power is supplied to both transmitter and receiver from the built-in lipo battery LP723250. Emergency Mobil is also distinguished by a range recognition and are charging receiver and transmitter load quickly and have a long working time.


Battery Type LiPo Battery/Lithium Polymer Battery
Part Number LP723250, 723250P
Capacity 1250mAh
Dimension 50 x 32 x 7.2mm
Connector Body -
Connector Pins -
Wires AWG 26, UL1571 50mm x 3
Working Voltage 3.0V to 4.2V
Charge Current 0.2C/0.5C
Discharge Current 0.5C/1.0C
NTC (Thermistor) 10K 1% @ +25C
Charge Temperature 0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +45°C


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