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Round LiPo Battery for Bluetooth Headset & Smart Watch
Ask datasheet and best offer for prototype component. Get samples via fast international shipments by DHL FedEx & UPS. Certifications (IEC62133, MSDS, UN38.3, RoHS, CE) have complied. PayPal is available.

We got more and more customers who want a round shape of lipo battery for their round applications such as headsets, medical devices, smart watches, GPS and other wearable products. Round lipo battery is not general shapes. We improve our tooling and process skills to fit into unique shape lipo battery.

You won't find anther better deal in round lipo battery anywhere!

Round LiPo Battery Diameter 30mm to 50mm

part number
capacity (mAh)
diameter (mm)
thickness (mm)
voltage (v)
LPR253535 220 35 2.5 3.7
LPR303027 170 30 3.0 3.7
LPR303535 275 35 3.0 3.7
LPR313535 300 35 3.1 3.8
LPR333535 300 35 3.3 3.7
LPR353027 210 30 3.5 3.7
LPR353535 330 35 3.5 3.7
LPR363027 225 30 3.6 3.8
LPR403027 250 30 4.0 3.7
LPR403535 390 35 4.0 3.7
LPR453027 285 30 4.5 3.7
LPR453535 450 35 4.5 3.7
LPR453535 490 35 4.5 3.8
LPR473027 330 30 4.7 3.8
LPR553535 580 35 5.5 3.7
LPR553535 600 35 5.5 3.8
LPR703535 725 35 7.0 3.7
LPR703535 785 35 7.0 3.8
LPR704230 835 42 7.0 3.7
LPR755040 1500 50 7.5 3.7


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Round LiPo Battery for Electronic Toothbrush

A built-in mechanism foams the right amount of toothpaste and delivers it to your teeth. The handpiece includes a low-energy wireless charging module; integrated round lipo battery can continue to discharge, even if the absence of charging stations, you can brush your teeth without fear.

Fully automatic toothbrush, and finishes in just ten seconds, you will have perfectly clean teeth! Everybody know the importance of dental health, you have to squeeze, scrub, gargle, spit, rinse and floss every morning and evening. Many people find it cumbersome lead to having dental health problems, even if we know that doing is incorrect. Using a full electric toothbrush, to make life more efficient, brush your teeth faster and more automatically.

You have to concentrate when you brush your teeth. Take a toothbrush like a pencil, which can reduce stress on your gums. Toothbrush automatic brush soft, with a weak vibration to swing the toothbrush, to avoid damage to the gums. Automatic toothbrush takes into account all the problems; the brush is aligned with the gums at 45 degrees and soft enough to prevent scratching while brushing teeth, to better clean the bacteria and plaque in your gums, and to keep your healthy and beautiful teeth.

Product Structure:
The full automatic toothbrush is made out of four parts: The mouthpiece, the handpiece, round lipo battery and the toothpaste capsules. The flexible mouthpiece has built-in micro-channels to facilitate the delivery of toothpaste to your mouth. The mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone, can kill 99% of bacteria in the mouth, 3D-arranged bristles on both side to clean your teeth. The replacement time and cleaning method are same as the regular toothbrush, with the simple maintenance methods to achieve efficient results. The handpiece includes all kinds of the complex technology. It can produce 9.5G amplitude,so that the brush resonance and coordinated movement. The toothpaste capsules are simply put into the handpiece; it will automatically provide a certain amount of toothpaste.

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