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iPhone 6 Plus Battery LP3549119 2915mAh

China battery manufactory, Special high quality battery for iPhone Plus with more than 500 cycles APN616-0805 & 12 moths warranty.

Battery type Lithium ion Polymer Battery
Part Number LP3549119
Capacity 3.7V @ 2915mAh
Configuration 1S1P
Dimension 119 x 49 x 3.5mm (Same as original iPhone 6 Plus battery)
Protection circuit Built-in
Contacts Design as original FPC and contacts

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iPhone 6 Plus Battery LP3549119 2915mAh

The iPhone 6 Plus made waves in 2014 as Apple’s first ever phablet. It was also significant as it had noticeably better screen and camera hardware than its smaller sibling, the iPhone 6.This is a phone that displays all Apple's key trademarks. Great screen, superb quality fit and finish and one of the best point-and-click cameras you can find on a phone. Unlike other iPhones it also has excellent stamina – you can get two days of use out of the iPhone 6 Plus if you're careful. The iPhone 6 Plus has a lot of staying power – in fact it is close to having the longest LiPo battery life of any smartphone we’ve tested. It’s slightly better in some respects to the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, two recent smartphones that boast great stamina. That’s far longer than the LG G3’s 3,000mAh battery can last and it bests the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, too. In our test, where we play a standard definition video on loop until the battery dies, the iPhone 6 Plus’s LiPo battery managed just under 12 hours before shutting down. That’s two hours more than the iPhone 6 and almost an hour more than the Galaxy S5. If there’s one area where the iPhone 6 Plus stands out, it is battery life. The 2,915mAh LiPo battery packs enough to let the iPhone 6 Plus last two full days of reasonable use with the screen set to 50% brightness. Whack the brightness up though and that big, bright 5.5-inch screen will start sucking up the juice. If LiPo battery life is a key factor for you then you won’t go wrong Apple’s biggest phone yet.


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