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iPhone 6 Battery LP333996 1810mAh

We are OEM manufacturer for iPhone 6 battery 4G GSM CDMA. Please contact me when you have a shop selling iPhone parts.

Battery type Lithium ion Polymer Battery
Part Number LP333996
Capacity 3.7V @ 1810mAh
Configuration 1S1P
Dimension 96 x 39 x 33mm (Same as original iPhone 6 battery)
Protection circuit Built-in
Contacts Design as original FPC and contacts

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iPhone 6 opts for soft curves and seamless joins between the screen and the back. It's a very different look from the iPhone 5s, which has shiny machined edges. Barring some plastic detailing on the rear it’s all glass and metal, and looks great for it. Our video test, where we loop SD video until the phone dies, lasted ten hours, an hour more than the iPhone 5S. In terms of 3D gaming the iPhone 6 managed two hours and thirty five minutes of non-stop action. In real world testing we found the iPhone 6's LiPo battery lasted 35 hours of low mixed usage (including standby) and 14 hours of heavy usage, with the brightness set to 50%. iPhone 6 is powered by an 1,810mAh non-removable LiPo battery, which is a little larger than the one on the iPhone 5S, but then it needs it to supply the bigger and brighter screen. Compare that to the power packs in the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (2,800mAh) or the LG G3 (3,000mAh) and the LiPo battery on the iPhone 6 looks titchy. It also manages to last a few hours more than the iPhone 5S before it. One major positive about the LiPo battery of iPhone 6 is that it charges very quickly. You get 31% from a 30 minute charge and it charges fully in two hours exactly.


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