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iPhone 4s Battery LP423282 1500mAh

We produce iPhone 4s battery for replacement. We provide factory price for wholesale in all over the world with good quality and fast shipment. The LiPo Battery of the iPhone 4S provides 8 hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours of talk time on 2G, 6 hours of web use over 3G, 9 hours of web use over Wi-Fi, 40 hours of music playback, 10 hours of video playback, and 200 hours of standby time.iPhone 4S has respectable LiPo battery life that can provide "all day" use for many. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, likely will want to pack an external battery pack. Although some may wish that the LiPo battery was "swappable" as well, at least it is fairly easy to replace. To access the LiPo battery in the iPhone 4S, it's simply a matter of unscrewing the two screws on the bottom of the device with a compatible screwdriver. This releases the back panel and the LiPo battery is readily accessible. It is not soldered either, so self-replacement for the technically skilled and steady of hand as well as professional third-party replacement both are quite possible. In addition to Apple's official option, professional third-party services also are available to replace the battery in the iPhone models, often much more quickly and for less money, as well. Be sure to purchase your repair service or parts from a trusted company with extensive experience repairing iPhone devices.

iPhone 4S Battery Details

Battery type Lithium ion Polymer Battery (iPhone 4S Battery)
Part Number LP423282
Capacity 3.7V @ 1500mAh
Configuration 1S1P
Dimension 82 x 32 x 4,2mm (Same as original iPhone 4s battery)
Protection circuit Built-in
Contacts Design as original FPC and contacts



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